09 junio, 2010

I am High Maintenance

I am High Maintenance
Si me hubiera tomado en serio a mí misma, sería yo la autora de semejante y proverbial frasecilla y, sin duda, estaría más lejos del horror. Ahora, la veo empleada para la venta de bikinis online. Hay que joderse. Pero el concept mola, anyway. Vale la pena el párrafo descriptivo del perfil, al menos hasta que se habla de trapos estrictamente. Supongo que las del panfleto ese que se llama VOGUE dirían lo contrario, pero ¿a quién coño le importan ésas?

ORIGINS IM-HM stands for “I am High Maintenance,” – a statement to which a few negative connotations used to be attached to. At present, it takes on an entirely different meaning. The phrase is now more of a bold statement of empowerment. A woman can now take care of herself by her own means. A woman has gone so far along in this world that she can now afford to spoil herself.

So we created an online boutique to celebrate just that: www.im-hm.com IM-HM.COM began as a multi-label online store, housing high end brands from all over the world. After two years of being in business, we have come to know the “high maintenance” customer quite intimately: She loves fashion and has a fine-tuned knowledge of the industry - popular labels and new designers. She knows the value of good quality and design. She is normally a career woman, though she is not tied down by her job. She is well-educated & cultured, though she still strives to learn more, and explore. She loves to travel - new environments excite & exhilarate her. She is a jet setter – though she would never label herself as such. For this woman, we created and conceptualized a whole new online store: IM-HM Resort – an online boutique that carries stunning resort wear for sunny destinations all year round. IMHM RESORT The collections include gorgeous bikinis, exquisite sarongs and kaftans, beautifully crafted accessories, and other holiday necessities such as beach bags, sandals, and sunglasses. IM-HM Resort will have the perfect tropical getaway wardrobe – everything from basic beach chic to decked-out yacht glamour. Each collection is carefully thought out and put together. IM-HM Resort carries mid to high end swimwear, resort wear, and accessory brands. Including some new and exciting labels to watch out for. Unique to this online store, however, is that it also carries gorgeous hand-made cover-ups, beaded kaftans, one-of-a-kind sarongs, and intricately-crafted accessories from names unknown to the fashion industry. These pieces have been personally selected by the owners of IM-HM on their many trips around the globe – Indonesia, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, and many more to come.
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